Bloodless Revolution


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5.0 out of 5 stars Wake Up England, 15 Dec. 2009
This review is from: Bloodless Revolution (Paperback)
A concise, easy to read and well written analysis that summarises the thoughts and frustrations of millions on the parlous state of our country and should be in everyone’ Christmas stocking. Ridding ourselves of the hopeless, self serving and glaringly undemocratic 3 Party political system that has plagued England for far too long, is imperative if our younger generation is to regain its sovereign birthright to a genuine Democracy.

The shameless dissembling and toadying of our our frequently inept and careerist Party politicians cannot continue and this ‘little black book’ will hopefully be passed on by all right thinking adults to every young person they know.

The lies,broken promises and disgraceful political collusions that have denied the people of this country a Referendum on our membership of the corrupt and bureaucratic monster that is the European Commission,are just one of many reasons why root and branch changes to our political systems are imperative if we are to retain any control of our destinies. If the EU were a regulated Company it would have been compulsorily wound up years ago, as it is now,disgracefully into the 15th year of its accounts not being ‘signed off’ by its Auditors, thanks in no small way to the likes of Statist and self serving politicos of the Kinnock variety.